TOEFL Test suspended in the U.K.
It has now been confirmed that TOEFL has been removed permanently from the SELT (Secure English Language Test) approved list. It cannot be used now for Tier 4 GSV Entry Clearance(Student VISA) or Leave to Remain in UK. It has been suspended in the UK due to potential concerns regarding fraud. This means:
For students applying for Student VISA for UK:
?    If the CAS(Confirmation of Acceptance) was issued before April 5th 2014, the student’s visa application will be processed as normal.
?    If the CAS was issued after April 5th 2014, the student will need to provide an alternative English Language Qualification(other than TOEFL) or their application will be refused. Students who have already applied for their visa will be contacted by the visa application centre.
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01 May 2014